About the Project

Digging Digital Humanities is a 5 year project that looks into the research habits of Digital Humanists. Members of the team have visited various DH Centers, such as those located at University College London, and Trinity College Dublin. During time spent at these institutions, the researchers investigated the ways in which members of the DH Centers functioned as a whole, and interacted with other departments at their institution. Interviews were conducted regarding a variety of subjects, from DH teaching and tools, to library related skills and social media use.

Research has also been conducted in person at several conferences (MLA 2014, DH 2013/14, DHSI 2013/14). These interviews have allowed us to complete a more thorough view of Digital Humanities, by talking to individuals who work in the field, but are not necessarily connected with a DH Center. If you are interested in our research, or have questions about our findings, please connect with us:

Email: diggingdh@gmail.com

Twitter: @diggingdh

Research Team

aavatarAnabel Quan-Haase (PI) 

Associate Professor of Information and Media Studies and Sociology at the Western University. Dr. Quan-Haase received her Masters degree in Psychology from the Humboldt-University in Berlin in 1998 under the supervision of Dr. Herbert Hagendorf and her Ph.D. in Information Studies from the University of Toronto in 2004 under the supervision of Dr. Lynne Howarth and advisory committee members Barry Wellman, Chun Wei Choo and Derick de Kerckhove.

s200_lori.mccay-peet Lori McCay-Peet (Post-Doctoral Scholar)  

Lori defended her PhD, co-supervised by Dr. Elaine Toms and Dr. Bertrum MacDonald, at Dalhousie University in Dec. 2013. Her dissertation was entitled “Investigating work-related serendipity, what influences it, and how it may be facilitated in digital environments.” As part of the Digging DH Team, Lori will continue to investigate how we may support serendipity in digital environments by  focusing on their use by social science and digital humanities scholars.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 5.40.09 PMKim Martin (Research Assistant)

Kim is a PhD candidate in Library and Information Science at the Western University. Her research interests include the information habits of Digital Humanists and the role that serendipity plays in the research process of historians. Her academic background is in the areas of English Literature and History, and she is working to keep an interdisciplinary approach throughout her doctoral work by participating in the growing world of the Digital Humanities.


Past Members of the Team include:

ryanRyan Hunt (Research Assistant)
Ryan is a graduate student in Public History at Western University. He is interested in how digital humanities offers new paradigms for academics to communicate their research with a wider audience. As a member of the DHMakerBus team, Ryan is committed to technology, education, and public outreach.

kenweston-1Robert Kenneth Weston (Research Assistant)

Robert Kenneth Weston is a fourth year undergraduate student at Western University studying Political Science and Social Science of the Internet. Ken’s research interests involve YouTube, Computer-Mediated Communication, Social Media, Free Speech, and Social Movements.

jasmineJasmine Fong (Web Design)

Jasmine graduated with a masters in public history from Western University.  She designed and manages the Digging Digital Humanities website.

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